OPMS Gold Capsules – Extract

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The OPMS Gold Capsules are extremely popular because they allow you to get a large kratom dosage in a simple capsule form. OPMS uses a method of cold water extraction combined with high pressure to create a powerhouse Kratom extract. By using this method, more of the alkaloids are secured. Many other Kratom companies use hot water during extraction, which can deliver an inferior product. OPMS’ unique extract protocol allows them to distribute a capsule with unrivaled portability and performance.

These signature gold capsules can be purchased in a few different quantities. Keep in mind that any Kratom extract capsule pack is usually around 2-7 capsules and the price point will be higher than regular Kratom powder capsules. Don’t let the prices fool you, because anything with extract is going to come in smaller quantities and higher prices.  we offer the more popular 5 count pack at the most competitive price.

So what exactly is in each gold capsule? OPMS delivers organic mitragyna speciosa extract Kratom powder with a 50:1 ratio per capsule. OPMS derives their extract from a highly concentrated vein of Maeng Da Kratom. And of course, each capsule is in their namesake gold color.